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The Pinetrees of the World Experience

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The Pinetrees of the World Experience
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Last February 14, 2010, I heart (love) Baguio was formally launched at the Pinetrees of the World Park, formerly known as Lions Park. The event was coordinated by Media practitioner Pigeon Lobien and Baguio watchdog advocate Gideon Omero. Together with the save the Burnham park group members and supporters, the day of the hearts was celebrated with mother natures love.

The day started early by setting up the Photo exhibits. Lunch was pot luck and by 3:00pm pinikpikan started to boil coupled with the aroma of etag. By 6pm, Daluyon band provided the park good Baguio music. Everybody had fun, the MOA against the Athletic Bowl issue was signed and by 1:00am, it was time to go.

What I personally experienced during the pack-up time is common to me since I grew up camping in the mountains of Baguio City but to those who do not have any idea on how these kinds of nights end, allow me to share.

It was a cold night. Even with the campfire, you can still feel the cold breeze and see droplets of water forming on the leaves of the trees. By 12:00am, most of the participants went home and only six persons were left to fix the camp. Every person has his assigned thing to do. It was really a sacrifice fixing the area at 12:30am with only one flashlight. I saw that everyone was tired, sleepy but one thing caught my eye, everyone was happy and sporting a big smile.

As I always say, at the end of the day, the cause is what matters most.
Below are some of the memorable moments caught on camera.

It was a happy valentines day!

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